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This community embraces all of the divine, exalted things (outside of religions - e.g., Taoism here is considered a philosophy; Sufism is a spiritual path; etc.) of Asia. Asia means much more than just Japan and China.

Discussions of Asian mysticisms, arcanum, music, philosophy, food/cuisine (even those considered "taboo" by other parts of the world), art, language, everyday life, human rights issues, personal journeys, personal interest, these and more are all highly encouraged.

Discussions of a negative nature are generally discouraged, unless you happen upon something you think more people ought to be aware of, but realize that we are likely already to be aware of negative events in Asia, such as the corrupt governments of China and Burma; the recent military takeover in Thailand; the horrors of the Saudi government; the volatile situation in Iraq; the civil war in Sri Lanka; the attacks on Lebanon; etc. etc. Try to focus on positive, uplifting things - there are plenty.

Posts with obvious negative stereotyping intentions will be deleted and you will probably be banned, so don't bother. (For instance, discussing dog meat consumption in Vietnam in a positive context is perfectly acceptable because this is a part of Vietnamese culture. Perpetuating the age-old stereotype of Chinese putting cat meat into your food in America [while ignoring what they put in, say, hot dogs] is moronic and will get deleted. Don't be stupid.) Likewise with spam.

Dive in, explore, exchange, relate, breathe free.
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